About Me

My name is Margit Lanze. I am the Digital Learning Catalyst at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I was born and raised in Burglengenfeld, a small town in Southern Germany, and spent my early college years and adulthood in RegensburgGießen, and Zweibrücken. I moved to the United States in 1991 and have now established roots with my own family in the “New World”. 

My interest and aptitude for languages has lead me to study English and French. I am fluent in German, English, and proficient in French. I have taught both French and German in public and private schools at the middle and high school level for almost 20 years. My work with middle schoolers was wonderful. I loved the energy and enthusiasm they brought to the classroom. 

In addition to loving languages, cultures, and middle school students, I am excited about the promises of instructional technology in the classroom. I love experimenting with new tools, recognizing and realizing the many opportunities technolgy creates for students and teachers alike. Technology is a great tool to motivate the wired millenials and to differentiate instruction for struggling students and gifted learners. Further, it opens the door to contemporary culture and gives opportunities for real life learning. This excitement about instructional technology led me to my current position at Trinity Episcopal School. Here, it is my pleasure to not only work with the most dedicated master teachers, but also with the youngest and most precious students I could ever dream of. 

I am eager to collaborate and help within the field of technology integration and instructional design. Let me hear from you!

You can reach me at tekkyleadr@gmail.com.

~ Margit

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